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The Catholic Enquiry Centre

The mission of the Catholic Enquiry Centre is to promote knowledge of the beliefs and practices of our Catholic Faith in New Zealand.

The Catholic Enquiry Centre serves people searching for faith:
-Who were once Catholics
-Who have no religious background
-Who came from another religious tradition
-Catholics who want to become more active in their Church, or who want to share their faith.
-People who want to find out about the Catholic Church in general.

For more information please contact the Catholic Enquiry Centre:


Are you or someone you know thinking about becoming Catholic?
RCIA might be the next step.

RCIA is the process in the Catholic Church for prospective adult converts to the Catholic faith. In this process, Candidates are gradually introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices, as well as catholic liturgy, prayer and worship. It is a journey that may take up to 10 months.

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Our parish has purchased access to for our parishioners.
This website has thousands of videos, series, talks, eBooks and more.
This content is suitable for children, teens and adults.

It is the Catholic faith on demand, bit like a Catholic ‘Netflix’

Signing up is easy.

1: Go to

2: Look for ‘Catholic Parish of Christchurch South’

3: Enter your name and your email address


What is this journey in between “birth” and “death”? Is the journey taking you somewhere, or are you leading yourself to some kind of destination – a destination that could extend beyond your last breath? What do you want from your life during the in between? The questions are there.  And, the answers are too.

Join us for seven Tuesday nights as we SEARCH for the answers.

A light supper will be provided.
Cost: Donations welcome.

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You can watch the trailer to THE SEARCH here: