Preference of Enrolment

Ninety Five percent of students at Catholic schools in New Zealand are required to be Catholic or at least connected to the Catholic Church through their family.  To verify a connection to the Church, a Preference of Enrolment certificate is required from an agent of the Bishop (usually a priest in the parish).  Preference of enrolment is given under Section 442 of the Education Act 1989, Part 33*

“Preference of enrolment shall be given only to those children whose parents have established a particular or general religious connection with the Special Character of the School.” (*Actual reference in Integration Agreements is to the PSCI Act. All such references are now read as in the Education Act 1989.)

It is important to note that the eligibility for preference of enrolment is based on factual conditions relating to the status of the person’s connection to the Catholic Church, not on the state of their faith practices.

To obtain a Preference of Enrolment certificate, parents can make an appointment to see the Parish Priest.
Please ring the office on 03 338 8395 to make an appointment, or complete the Preference Request form. Please bring your child’s Baptism certificate with you. Appointments are held at the Parish Office, 70 Spencer Street, Addington.

There are three Catholic Primary schools located within the parish boundaries.
Sacred Heart School, Addington:
St Peter’s, Beckenham:
Our Lady of the Assumption, Hoon Hay: