What is Baptism?

The Sacrament of Baptism marks the beginning of our life of faith. In Baptism we are welcomed into God’s family. The Baptism of an infant is the beginning of a child’s faith life and journey with the Christian community. For a child to be Baptised a Catholic it is essential that one parent is a Catholic and that both parents agree to nurture the faith life of the child as much as possible.

Choosing Godparents (Sponsors)

Like parents, Godparents (also known as Sponsors) take on responsibility and promises during the Sacrament of Baptism to help the newly baptized learn about the Catholic faith and live it out in their lives.  The Godparents are to aid the Catholic upbringing of the newly baptized.  It is important to consider this responsibility when choosing Godparents.

Parents may choose two Godparents (One male, One Female), however one Godparent is sufficient.

Godparents must be at least 16 years of age, have been Baptized Catholic themselves, and received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and live a lifestyle which reflects the role they are undertaking.

Please Note – If Godparents are from overseas or otherwise outside the Parish/Diocese they may be asked to provide a record of their Sacraments (Baptism and Confirmation).  These may be obtained by contacting the Parish where you recieved the Sacraments and requesting your record.


When is Baptism celebrated?

The Baptism of infants is normally celebrated on the second Sunday of each month at either Sacred Heart Church, Addington or Sts Peter and Paul, Halswell.  Parents are required to attend a preparation session before their child’s Baptism. These sessions happen every month at Sacred Heart Church, Addington.

Please note – If you live in or attend another Parish, please touch base with the local Parish Priest there first.

If you would like to request Baptism for your child please complete the following form: Request for Baptism

If you have any questions (including those regarding the Baptism of Adults or older children) please contact the Coordinator of Sacramental Ministries sacramental@christchurchsouth.org.nz
or a Priest of the Parish (03 338-8395).

This three minute video is a helpful summary of the sacrament