The Sacrament of Baptism marks the beginning of our life of faith. In Baptism we are welcomed into God’s family. The Baptism of an infant is the beginning of a child’s faith life and journey with the Christian community. It is therefore an important decision for parents to make on behalf of their child. For a child to be Baptized a Catholic it is essential that one parent is a Catholic and that both parents agree to nurture the faith life of the child as much as possible. It is also essential that Godparents are baptized Christians, and one is a Catholic.

The Baptism of infants is celebrated on the second Sunday of each month at either Sacred Heart Church, Addington or Sts Peter and Paul, Halswell.  Parents are required to attend a preparation session before their child’s Baptism. These sessions occur on the fourth Sunday of each month at Sacred Heart Church, Addington at 2pm.

If you live in another Parish, please touch base with your local Parish Priest first.

It is customary to make a donation on the day of baptism. This is not retained by the priest personally but goes to support the Priests of the Diocese.

If you would like your child Baptised please complete the Application form: Sacramental Enrolment Form – Baptism

If you have any questions please email

For Adult Baptism and Baptism of older children please contact the Parish Office on 03 338 8395 or or a Priest of the Parish.

This three minute video is a helpful summary of the sacrament